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In today's world, people want to be able to do everything online. At "Panache Hair Studio" we make online booking simple and effortless.

'Hair Cuts' at

Panache Hair Studio


We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Hair Salon and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained Artist is here to tackle all your needs with a professional Haircuts that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Plus free education and tips so you feel confident recreating the styles at home. The Artist at "Panache" is happy to share inside tips and best kept secrets. Come in and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

'Hair Color' at

Panache Hair Studio


Whether you are looking to dramatically change your hair color or you are simply hoping to blend your grays, the Artist at Panache is here to mix up some magic. Trained in up to date services and products, the Artist's main concern is to help you on the journey to your hair dreams while keeping the hair's integrity in mind.  We want to keep your canvas healthy along the way.

'The Works' at 

Panache Hair Studio


Looking to freshen up your look? At Panache Hair Studio, our Artist is committed to providing you with amazing service to make sure you go home happy. Our Artist knows exactly what you are looking for in your next Hair Treatments appointment and are ready to pamper you. Visit us today and start your journey to a ravishing new look!

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